Each day 8-10 people are killed by distracted drivers. Each year another 400-000 to 600,000 people are injured because of distracted driving. This is three times the number of people who are injured each year by drunk drivers. Please watch and share this important video. If you or someone you care about is a victim […]

April is National Distracted Driving Awareness Month. Please join our community, lead by example, and remind others about the dangers of #DistractedDriving. Get sharable resources (pics, videos, statistics and more) at StopDD.today EndDD.org ItCanWait.com and NSC.org

[May 2018 Update: Case has been resolved to client’s full satisfaction] Our client is a victim of distracted and reckless driving. In only a second or two, her life was turned upside down after being struck by a distracted driver. It can happen to you too. She did nothing wrong and is an innocent victim. […]

I believe that whether people realize it or not, most are addicted to their smartphones and other mobile devices. Even if they wanted to, they don’t have the self-control to stop using these devices while driving. Understanding and acknowledging that there’s an addiction is the first, of several steps, in fixing this growing safety problem. […]