Survivor Showdown: The Final Tribal Council Decides the Future of DAOs

Jeff stands tall with a torch in hand, a gleam in his eye, “Welcome to the final Tribal Council! Dan, Sandy, tonight you’re arguing for or against using a DAO to run a Web3 business. The winner will be determined by your fellow survivors. Let’s get started!”

Dan takes a deep breath, “Thanks, Jeff. I think DAOs could be an interesting way to move forward. They are designed to be transparent, and, in theory, they allow for collective decision-making.”

Sandy smirks, “Interesting? Dan, with all due respect, isn’t this game all about trust? Anonymity is a massive concern in web3. We’ve built alliances, backstabbed, and tried to trust people face-to-face on this island, and even then, it’s tough. How can we possibly trust someone hiding behind a screen?”

Dan hesitates, “Well, um, I believe in the technology behind it. I mean, it’s… new and innovative?”

Sandy raises an eyebrow, “And what happens when there’s a legal dispute? Members are scattered across the world. The complexity of dealing with legalities in such a decentralized system is daunting.”

Dan stammers, “Well, you know, blockchain… is borderless? So maybe that could, um, help?”

Sandy crosses her arms, “Dan, even traditional venture capitalists, who are always looking for the next big thing, are wary of DAOs. Why? Because they recognize the pitfalls of having a decentralized system where crucial decisions might be made by inexperienced or even malicious members.”

Dan looks down, “I think, um, there’s potential for growth and learning?”

Sandy nods, “Growth is essential, but so is foundation. The idea of DAOs is revolutionary, no doubt, but we’ve seen many revolutionary ideas crumble because they weren’t rooted in practicality. In the legal world, DAOs are uncharted waters. Navigating the uncertainties, especially when one’s investments are on the line, is a gamble many are unwilling to take.”

Jeff nods, “Impressive insights from both of you. Now it’s time for the other contestants to cast their votes.”

The other contestants huddle together, whispering and casting their votes. One by one, they place their votes in the urn. Jeff tallies the votes, “The votes are in, and by a clear margin, Sandy, you are the winner of this Tribal Council. Dan, the tribe has spoken.” Jeff snuffs out Dan’s torch.

Dan nods, “It’s been a journey. Congratulations, Sandy.”

Jeff turns to the camera, “And with that, another intense season of Survivor wraps up. The world of DAOs and Web3 remains a debated topic. Until next time, I’m Jeff Probst, and this has been Survivor.”

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Author: Mitch Jackson

I'm a California trial lawyer trying to fix the world one client, cause, and digital interaction at a time.

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