We Use AI in Everything We Do. It Makes Our Firm and Client Experience Better.

Mitch Jackson + Artificial Intelligence


There’s a lot going on in the world. When it comes to law, there are many moving parts involved in providing legal services and ensuring expected client outcomes.

With emerging technology, these challenges become even more intricate. Concurrently, savvy clients expect better, more consistent, and quicker results.

AI allows us to meet these expectations and more.

We embrace it.

Here are several practical ways we leverage AI in our operations:


We utilize AI to brainstorm, pose questions, and identify solutions. By employing “what if” scenarios, we gain clarity on situations and issues, helping both us and our clients progress towards project completion and faster conflict resolution.


Everyday communications and office templates have been enhanced with AI. We’re refining our documents to be more concise and effective. AI helps us protect our time, as well as the time of our clients, opposing counsel, and the court, by introducing innovative forms and templates.

Real-Time Issue Resolution

We employ AI to foster conversations that guide all parties towards a desired outcome. When appropriate, the quality of our email, text, and DM exchanges are enhanced with AI suggestions. In client telephone or Zoom meetings and during Zoom mediations, AI assists us in formulating ideas and proposing open-ended questions to our team, ensuring continuous dialogue and surmounting obstacles.


With over 30 years of experience in practicing law and mediating cases, we have a profound understanding of the prevailing legal and ethical concerns. We generally have a firm grasp of the applicable laws and issues. However, evolving technology and business practices bring forth new legal challenges. AI facilitates our ability to perform comprehensive and immediate research on legal matters and issue analysis.


We maintain transparency with our clients, opposing counsel, and the courts regarding our use of AI. We perceive this cutting-edge technology as a resource that enables us to refine our practice, ultimately delivering superior results for our clients.

From the advent of the internet, we’ve consistently embraced new technology, exploring ways to integrate it into our practice to stay ahead of our competitors.

More often than not, it proves beneficial.

With AI, this strategy is proving immensely successful.

For us, AI, coupled with other web3 and metaverse technologies, is revolutionizing the way we practice law and achieve outcomes. It doesn’t replace the attorneys and staff in our firm; it enhances our capabilities.

And we’re only just beginning.

What about you?

Author: Mitch Jackson

I'm a California trial lawyer trying to fix the world one client, cause, and digital interaction at a time.

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