Unveiling the Magic, Ease and Speed of Zoom Mediations: A Five-Step Guide

In the digital age, dispute resolution has taken a leap into the future, and it’s as simple as saying “Zoom.” Here’s how Zoom mediations work along with an easy-to-follow roadmap for venturing into this new solution.

Step #1:

Scout for your digital peacekeeper: Your journey starts with finding the mediator who’s a whiz at navigating the virtual mediation terrain. Since you’re here, a referral from a trusted source might have led you to us, and we’re thrilled to help. So, pat yourself on the back; step one – check!

Step #2:

Set the stage and seal the deal: Find a date that fits everyone’s calendar for your mediation rendezvous. With our nifty calendaring link, scheduling is a breezeโ€”no more phone tag or dropped messages.

Step #3:

As the stage is set, everyone will receive a no-nonsense mediation agreement through Docusign, detailing the mediation date and rules. You’ll then get an easy-to-use online payment link for settling the fees, generally divided equally among the parties unless agreed otherwise.

Step #4:

Gear up for your digital meeting: The success of your mediation depends on preparation. Gather all relevant facts, documents, and any additional evidence linked to your dispute. The mediation agreement will guide you on the information sharing process.

Step #5:

Show up in the virtual room: Once all is in place, it’s time to dive into your Zoom mediation session. The typical setup has each party in separate digital rooms to diffuse tension. In this virtual realm, the mediator dances between the digital rooms, employing their mediation magic to transform your conflict into a resolved matter.

Once an agreement is reached, a legally binding mediation settlement agreement will be the star of the show. This document captures your hard-earned peace treaty terms, which can be either public or private.


The path of Zoom mediations is a shining beacon of convenience and efficiency in the tumultuous sea of disputes. This digital platform not only offers the ease of resolution from the comfort of your own space, but it also significantly reduces the cost and time associated with traditional litigation and trial. It’s like taking the high-speed rail to resolution instead of the slow chug of a legal locomotive.

Ready to jump on board and zoom past conflict to resolution? Your journey to successful digital dispute resolution starts with one click.

Author: Mitch Jackson

I'm a California trial lawyer trying to fix the world one client, cause, and digital interaction at a time.

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