Our New Metaverse Penthouse

My team and I are “all in” on Web3 and the Metaverse. Each week we’re hosting meetings in our virtual offices and closing deals in our metaverse conference rooms. This past weekend we rolled out a new private Penthouse to meet with certain clients, VIP guests and special friends. You’re invited to watch this short video and make sure to turn up the sound!

This video pulls back the curtain and reveals what we’ve been working on. We’ll use the new space to host private meetings and special video presentations. After we’re done with business, we’ll head to the rooftop to celebrate with music, dancing, and our favorite beverages.


I’m hosting a private VIP get-together in the new Penthouse this Wednesday evening at 4 pm PDT (7 PM ET). If you’d like to join us, message me for the private link and I’ll add you to the list.


If you’re interested in tapping into the Metaverse but don’t know where to start, reach out and my team will help get you started.

Stay safe, enjoy the journey, and never stop making each day your masterpiece!

Author: Mitch Jackson

I'm a California trial lawyer trying to fix the world one client, cause, and digital interaction at a time.

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