Read the Twitter vs Elon Musk Lawsuit

elon mush twitter lawsuit

Elon Musk entered into an agreement to buy Twitter for $44 billion dollars.

Several months later, Musk is now alleging that Twitter breached the deal by failing to provide him with data needed to evaluate bot and spam accounts. Twitter denies his allegations and has filed a 60-plus-page lawsuit accusing Musk of breaching the agreement and seeking to compel him to follow through with the deal.

This is the lawsuit. Give it a read. What do you think is going to happen next?

PS- If you’re a lawyer (or play one on TV), who would you rather represent? Twitter or Elon Musk? Please share your answer in my Twitter or LinkedIn polls.

Author: Mitch Jackson

I'm a California trial lawyer trying to fix the world one client, cause, and digital interaction at a time.

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