New “Metaverse Lawyers” Groups on LinkedIn and Facebook. Join us!

On Thursday I created two new “Metaverse Lawyers” groups. One is on Facebook and for those of you who are not fans of FB, I’ve created another group on LinkedIn.

If you’re a lawyer or legal service provider who is interested in the metaverse, enjoys adding value to your community, and helping others, please join us. We’ll be sharing tips, approaches, and resources daily. And yes, it’s OK to be in both groups.

I took the time and effort to do this because:

    • I believe private and public metaverses are already changing the world;
    • I wanted to create a community to ask questions and share answers;
    • One personal goal of mine is to have a place to share all my resources;
    • Some platforms and approaches are better than others (for lawyers);
    • You need to know about the best (and easiest) VR headsets and tools;
    • I wanted to share my favorite free and paid metaverse platform options;
    • Things are changing quickly and I wanted to share updates;
    • There’s a right and wrong way to “communicate” and I wanted to share;
    • The metaverse is 10X better than Zoom to connect and build rapport;
    • When done right, it’s also as easy as Zoom (share a link);
    • Important to know how IP law, contracts, and commerce all play a part;
    • Buying/leasing digital land and assets can be tricky (not necessary);
    • Digital commerce allows for cryptocurrency options for clients;
    • NFTs can be powerful tools in the metaverse;
    • Web3 tech like smart contracts, DAOs, and DeFI are here;
    • I want a place to share experts who can take us by the hand and show us how to use and leverage all of the above.

For good or bad, the metaverse train is already here, and if you’re not on it, I believe you’ll be left back at the station. If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the last 35 years of practicing law, it’s that being early can be a game changer in business and life. When it comes to the metaverse, make no mistake about it– we are all early in this space.

If you’re as excited as I am about tapping into this fantastic new tech and opportunity, please consider connecting, learning, and sharing in my new “Metaverse Lawyers” communities.

Here are the links:

On Facebook

On LinkedIn

Stay safe, and make each day IRL and in the Metaverse, your masterpiece!

PS- If you don’t want to miss my updates (and I don’t always post them here at the blog or on social media), please join me over in my private text community. Your text will go to my private phone and I personally receive and respond to every text in a private one to one communication. You can join my private community by texting 949-577-7456.

Author: Mitch Jackson

I'm a California trial lawyer trying to fix the world one client, cause, and digital interaction at a time.

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