Congratulations to Beau Cowan!

Picture of Beau Cowan- #dominatetheday

Please join us in CONGRATULATING Beau Cowan for winning our Oculus Quest 2 Giveaway!

Beau inspires all of us to #DominateTheDay through his words and actions. Because the metaverse needs more Beau Cowans, he is the winner of our Oculus Quest 2 giveaway!

If you’d like to congratulate Beau and wish him happy holidays, you can connect with Beau here.

Before closing this post, I want to share, in part, what Beau wrote in his Saturday Instagram post:

“Standing Tall does not always mean standing up physically on your own two feet. It could mean looking fear and pain in the face knowing you’re going to suffer that day and still getting up and dominating the day regardless. It could mean standing up to your intrusive daily negative thoughts and overcoming them to go about your day regardless. Know that you have the strength to stand tall and get through anything you have in your way, and if you need someone to help you stand tall, I’m here for you!”

We’re big fans of Beau and look forward to seeing all the good things he’ll be doing in 2022 and beyond.

Once again, congratulations Beau. See you in the metaverse!

Happy holidays, and make each day your masterpiece.


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