The MetaWorld Show with Ira Rothken and Mitch Jackson

Ira Rothken and yours truly are rolling out a new show focused on law, policy and technology. We’re calling our social audio and video show, the METAWORLD Show and are excited to invite all of you to enjoy each episode.

Our guests will include leading industry experts and people changing the digital landscape in positive and exciting ways. Ira and I will also each bring our decades of legal experience relating to startups, digital and litigation, into each conversation to provide you with a unique perspective and massive value in every show. An ongoing theme of the show will include the metaverse, NFTs, blockchains and cryptocurrency. [NFT resources are shared at the end of this post]

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On Thursdays, and subject to our calendar availability, we’ll be hosting live Social Audio rooms on Clubhouse and Twitter Spaces at (5 pm PST | 8 pm ET). Please check our Twitter feeds (Ira and Mitch) for links and final show destination.


We’ll also be going live via social audio and video on all the top platforms like YouTube, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Anchor, Twitter Spaces, Clubhouse and Amazon Live. Advance notice and links will be shared via Twitter (above) and with our newsletter update.

Ira and I look forward to seeing you soon on the socials!

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NFT Related Resources

Disclaimer: Metaverse, Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), Blockchain, Crypto-Related Assets and all Legal/Business/Tax Matters [read here]

A Legal Framework for Decentralized Autonomous Organizations

How are NFTs taxed? Are gas fees write-offs? Is transferring wallets a taxable event?

The NFT Handbook- How to create, sell and buy non-fungible tokens by Matt Fortnow and Quharrison Terry

Which #NFTs are securities? The Howey test explained in detail. Creators, promotors, platforms, buyers and sellers, please read.

What is a DAO? | Decentralized Autonomous Organization

Gas Fees ( DEFI Dashboard)

Strike (the Venmo of Bitcoin)

Etherscan allows you to search the blockchain for addresses, transactions, tokens, prices, and anything else taking place on the Ethereum blockchain.

Get a personalized domain for your public wallet via Ens Domains. Instead of a long string of numbers during a digital transaction, you can share an easier to remember and use “address” (decentralized naming for wallets, websites, buy/sell, cryptocurrency). Mine is MitchJackson.eth

Mitch’s NFT Collection on OpenSea (also Mitch’s 3D art gallery)

Author: Mitch Jackson

I'm a California trial lawyer trying to fix the world one client, cause, and digital interaction at a time.

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