Don’t Get Left Behind!

Embrace change!

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Why do I need to be on this new app?

Why do I need to embrace new technology?

Why do I need to build my brand on social media?

Our world was turned upside down in 2020 with COVID-19. How we work and how our clients expect us to deliver our products and services has forever changed. How our customers find and interact with us has changed too.

The printing press evolved to the Internet.

The pony express is now email, private and direct messages.

More people worldwide have access to a smartphone connected to the Internet than they do toothbrushes or drinking water. Because of smartphones, consumers have more computer and processing power in their hands than what was available to Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins, and Buzz Aldrin, the crew of Apollo 11 who landed on the moon in 1969.

Professionals and business owners who appreciate and embrace this new reality and change are those very same people who are positioning themselves for success moving forward in time.

When these forward-thinking people walk into a room and flip the switch, the lights go on. They don’t care that much about the process of how electricity is generated, delivered to an office building, and wired to the overhead lights. They care about lighting up the room so that new clients can see who you are. They care about putting themselves in a place that allows for a positive and bright experience for the new client or customer.

I believe social media, digital, and the cloud are the same thing. Being present and building your brand on these platforms is the same thing as flipping on the light switch to your office. Being present on all the new platforms is putting yourself in a position to be standing in a brightly lit-up digital room where your clients already are.

It doesn’t matter that you don’t “get” or “understand” the value of Instagram, TikTok, Clubhouse, or live video. Being able to understand how cryptocurrency, blockchain, AI, or NFTs work isn’t an excuse for ignoring their relevancy and, frankly, embracing everything the opportunities these things have and will have in the future.

What does matter is that this is where the people are right now. If you want to remain relevant, this is where you need to be too.

Look, in today’s world, we are all media publishing companies. Our smartphones, tablets, laptop, and desktop computers are our new relationship-building tools.

Digital is where people are giving and getting attention. If you’re not “all in” on embracing new technology, then there’s something else you might want to consider.

Be aware of the simple fact that the chances are pretty good that your savvy competitors are trying to figure all of this out. Some are already “all in” on this new tech. Failing to embrace the latest platforms and technology is preparing to fail. Don’t be left standing alone, in a dark room, wondering where everyone is.

OK, that’s it for now. I have to jump on a Zoom with the court and then bounce over to the audio-only Clubhouse platform to co-moderate a room focused on immigration legal issues moving forward in the new administration. Tonight I’ll be doing a video interview on Streamyard being shared worldwide on Twitter, LinkedIn, half a dozen Facebook groups and pages, and Amazon Live.

I’m hustling on delivering valuable content and helpful advice to my global community. I’m doing all I can to position myself in the brightest rooms I can find, which didn’t even exist a few years ago, much less a decade or two ago.

I still remember opening up my practice in 1986 before the Internet as we know it. Fax machines were the big rage, and programmable typewriters were our big time-saving productivity tools.

Not so much anymore.

A lot has changed in the past 10-20 years. Have you?

Never stop exploring and enjoying this crazy journey we’re all on.

And one more thing. While doing so, never stop doing all that you can to make each day your masterpiece.


Author: Mitch Jackson

I'm a California trial lawyer trying to fix the world one client, cause, and digital interaction at a time.

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