6 Steps to Negotiate Your Salary Like a Boss

Think back to the last job you got. What happened when they offered you the position?

If you took the salary offered, don’t feel bad. Approximately 60% of the population does (with the numbers higher if you happen to be a woman). What most people don’t realize is just how much leeway there can be in the amount they’re offered. In fact, most people who put themselves out there will actually gain a higher salary than initially offered. Some statistics state as much as $5,000 more a year!

With facts like that, learning how to negotiate a higher salary becomes crucial. Try these steps the next time you’re in this position, whether taking a new job or trying for a higher raise during your annual review.

Know the Base Pay Going In

If you’re not sure how much the position is typically worth, how are you going to know if you’re being offered a fair salary? Do online research before you even go into the interview. Have some idea what is typically paid for people in this position.

Consider the Extras

It might be you’re not looking for more money so much as you’d like to see other bonuses such as extra days off, a better insurance package, or other benefits. Decide before you even start negotiations what perks are essential to you.

Try Outside Help

If you’re looking for a new employer, using a recruiter or headhunter might help you to gain a better salary range than you would on your own. They can also give you an idea of your value if you’re looking to renegotiate your salary where you are now.

What About Your Past Performances?

When talking salary, discussing your accomplishments reminds the potential employer of your value. This can be tricky to navigate, as most people don’t want to sound like they’re boasting. On the other hand, too much modesty won’t get you where you want to go either. Aim for somewhere in the middle for the best success.

Play Hardball

If you feel like you’re being severely undervalued, there comes a time when you need to stick up for yourself. Let the employer know you won’t do it for less than [insert specific amount you can live with.] If your skillset is particularly valuable, you’d be surprised at how often this works, or at least opens the door for further negotiation.

Use the Bottom Line

How have you saved the company money in the past, or increased sales? Money talks. Details like this go a long way toward reminding the employer of your value.

Hope you found this post helpful. More negotiation tips here (Slideshare presentation with 45K views).

Make today your masterpiece!

Mitch Jackson

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