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Let’s have some fun, create new connections and make history!

Please stop by our Clubhouse Room on Thursday, March 11th, between 9 am ET and 5 pm ET, and say hello. Even better, raise your hand, jump up on stage, and introduce yourself. Meet our special guest co-moderators and connect with other professionals in the legal community from around the world. Click here to join us on Clubhouse!

Wednesday Afternoon Update: Just some of the SPECIAL GUESTS who will be joining us on stage!


We believe Clubhouse is all about building relationships and adding value through quality conversations. On Thursday, we’re going to set a world record in the legal community for doing just that!

Here’s the plan:

We’re going live on Thursday at 9 am ET in our Clubhouse Room along with a few special guests who will be helping co-moderate the room throughout the day. We’ll be asking lawyers and other members of our legal community (students, professors, support staff, teams, legal tech and third party resources) to raise their hands and join us on stage.

After some friendly small talk, we’ll ask guest speakers to share who they are, where they’re located, and what type of law they practice or how they’re affiliated with the legal community. If a guest speaker is involved in legal tech, we’ll invite the guest to share exactly what the product or service is and how it helps the legal community.

We’ll also ask our guests to share their favorite non-legal hobby, interest, or passion. Wrapping things up, we can’t wait to ask everyone to share something most people don’t know about our guests.

Once we’re done, we’ll encourage everyone in the audience to follow each guest speaker on stage and on their other social media platforms. Hopefully, everyone in the Room will do the same and follow other legal community members on stage and in the audience.

We’ve put the entire day aside to host this Room and are excited to set a NEW WORLD RECORD for

(1) the number of people to visit and be in a Clubhouse “Legal Community” Room and, even more important;

(2) the number of new connections and relationships that are made in one day by legal community members from around the world.

We hope that one of our special guests on Thursday will be YOU!

Please understand that you do not need to be a lawyer to join in all the fun. Everyone in good standing and positively involved in the legal services community is welcome.

Share who you are and what you do. What do you enjoy when you’re not doing the legal dance? What would you like to share about yourself that most people don’t know about you (totally optional– but fun!)

This world record Clubhouse legal services meetup Room is going to be legendary! Stop by, connect with everyone in the Room, take the relationships off Clubhouse on to Instagram, Twitter and the other platforms. Network as much as you like and build new relationships!

This particular Room is sponsored by Mitch’s existing club, “Marketing and Social Media for Lawyers.”

We hope you enjoy this special Room, and please feel free to share this event and the below link with all your legal community friends and connections on Clubhouse. The more people the better. We can’t wait for our global legal community to shine!

Short link to join and share:

Default Clubhouse Link to join and share:

See everyone on Thursday. Between now and then, remember to always make each day your masterpiece!




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I'm a California trial lawyer trying to fix the world one client, cause, and digital interaction at a time.

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