Today Was An Interesting Day On Clubhouse

A lot of friends have asked me the question, “Why are you on Clubhouse?”

The short answer is because of all the amazing people I’m meeting, in real time, from around the world.

Today’s answer is because of Clubhouse Rooms like this!

“Booze, Weed, Fitness, and Periods: How These Young Founders Are Building Brands”

Having the opportunity to chat with these amazing founders and entrepreneurs is priceless. Allowing others to join us on stage with their comments and questions is next level value.  Along those lines, please connect with…

Sam Madani, Co-Founder and CEO of Bomani Cold Buzz

Sheena Shiravi, VP of Marketing at

Dilan Shah, Founder & CEO of

Nadya Okamoto, Co-Founder of August at

Amin Anjendani – Co-Founder and CDO at Bomani

This is why I’m on Clubhouse. To not only share what I’ve learned over the last 35 years as a lawyer, business owner and entrepreneur, but to also shine a bright light on others who are disrupting industries and creating positive change.

This was fun. If you didn’t make it to today’s Room, you can click here to be notified about the next Room I’m moderating. Heck, we even had one of the original Clubhouse App icons (Bomani X) join us on stage. How cool is that!

Make today your masterpiece!



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Author: Mitch Jackson

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