New Estate Planning (Virtual) Legal Services Start in January!

We’re rolling out a cloud-based virtual California estate planning department in January, 2021.

Your safety, convenience and family’s financial security comes first. Everything you need to plan and protect your estate is done through our new cloud-based service that you can easily access from your phone, tablet, laptop or desktop.

Get on our private estate planning community update list and we’ll send you a short email when our new estate planning department officially opens in January 2021.

When you join our email community, you’ll also get instant FREE access to our popular 31 page ebook, “Getting Started with Estate Planning.”

Please note that significant once in a lifetime discounts will be given to early January clients.

Estate Planning lawyer Mitch Jackson in California

For those of you located outside of the State of California, we may be offering non-legal consulting services to also help you with your estate plan. Get on the list and learn more once we finalize all the details.


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