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2020 has been a tough year for all of us. One of the biggest take-a-ways we hear from lawyers worldwide is how much they now appreciate the importance of the cloud, live video, and social media to build and run a practice.

Other than a few minor speedbumps, a few of which were beyond our control (courts closed and no in-person arbitrations and mediations), we’ve been able to continue servicing our clients and be proactive with moving forward with marketing and building out our brands. We already had our online platforms built out well before the Coronavirus hit and there was little, if any, disruption at the firm. There’s something special about having a prospective or current client, or referral source, just a click or two away in the cloud.

Having a digital presence and building out your brand on social media is powerful. Social distancing doesn’t matter. Inexpensive Zooms and digital meeting spaces replace expensive brick and mortar offices and conferences rooms.

Things have changed– forever.

To share a bit of good news with everyone (and we can all use some good news in today’s crazy world), we decided to try and make things easier for lawyers and firms interested in learning how to tap into the power of social, digital, and the cloud. The idea is to not only help you survive but also thrive in these challenging times. We wanted to make it easier for you to learn the best practices and approaches to expand to the cloud and build your brand and network to connect with a larger and more consistent audience.

Here’s what we’re doing.

The LegalMinds Mastermind shows lawyers how to market their practices and build their brands using social media, live video and the cloud. It’s a community where you can crowdsource ideas and network your way to new business and opportunities.

Traditional existing firms can add these methods to their current business models to improve their brand and revenues. New lawyers and firms can start fresh with digital while taking advantage of the 24/7 cloud. Unnecessary and expensive marketing and physical office space can be reduced and even eliminated using some of the techniques we share and endorse in the mastermind.

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The Good News

This week, and only this week, we’re going to extend a special two for one deal for a LegalMinds membership. When you become a Gold or Premium member this week, we’ll give you a second year for free. You’ll get two years of full access value for the price of one.

Current and new members can pick a plan that works for you and get a second year for FREE. It’s simple, fast, and a no-brainer. If the Gold or Premium plans aren’t for you, dip your toe in the social media pond by taking advantage of our annual or monthly plan. If you do join us as a new annual or monthly community member this week, I will include a complimentary 30 minute phone or live video consultation that is normally reserved for the Gold and Platinum plans!

New members can get started by visiting the LegalMinds site today.

Existing members can take advantage of this great deal and extend their current membership, or upgrade, by messaging Mitch. For those members who were forced to let their membership expire this past couple of months because of the impact of COVID-19, we invite you to come back, take advantage of this sale, and enjoy the community.

To see all the benefits offered in the new LegalMinds 2.0 app (everything is now in the palm of your hand), including our resources, videos, and live videos, visit LegalMinds today.

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Once again, pick the Gold or Platinum plan, and the second year is on us!

Reach out with any questions by clicking here. Between now and the next time we chat, enjoy the journey, and make each day your masterpiece!


P.S. We offer a full no questions asked 100% full-satisfaction 30-day guarantee, so don’t stress out while making this decision. We want this to be an enjoyable experience, so take a deep breath and give our mastermind a try.

PPS- Still on the fence? Well, we invite you to take a few minutes and see the recommendations and testimonials.

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I'm a California trial lawyer trying to fix the world one client, cause, and digital interaction at a time.

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