“What Businesses Need To Know About The New California Consumer Privacy Act?”

Earlier today I had the opportunity to join top influencer and online biz strategist, Kim Garst, on her live video show (watch the recorded show here).

The topic was…

“What Businesses Need To Know About The New California Consumer Privacy Act?”

If you’re selling products or services in California or, advertising your products and services to California consumers (this includes Google ads, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media platforms), I think you’ll find this show helpful.

Our talking points included:

#1: What is the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)?…

#2: What companies are affected by the CCPA?

#3: How can you create a plan and comply with consumer privacy and data requests?

#4: Why you need to be worried about consumers bringing private right of actions for damages.

#5: Are you REALLY doing business in California? Is advertising on Facebook and other social media platforms, to California consumers, “doing business” in California? What does this all really mean?

#6: Have you heard about the NEW proposed California Privacy Rights Act (CPRA) set to be on the ballot in November? It looks like CCPA on steroids!

Watch live and recorded right here.

Reach out after the show to Mitch with your questions here.

Mitch will also be sharing a complete blog post with links to all the talking points on this topic on Wednesday. We’ll share the link here 😉



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