Real Online Business Stories: Jennifer Quinn and Mitch Jackson

In The Beginning

Lisa and I first met live video professional, Jennifer Quinn aka JennyQ, in New York at Periscope Summit 2015. I was in the Big Apple to speak on a panel and to share legal tips with online business owners trying to figure out what this new livestreaming animal called Periscope was all about. JennyQ was there to network and build her business.

After the event, JennyQ and I continued to stay connected. We commented on each other’s blog posts, supported each other’s Periscopes by sharing and hearting them up, and retweeted each other’s tweets.

The following year, JennyQ and I again met at the San Francisco Periscope Summit where I once again shared legal tips for livestreaming business owners. I still remember seeing JennyQ’s smile as she rode down the escalator to meet me in the lobby to say hi!

During the next couple of years, JennyQ and I made it a point to help each other with online live video business issues. We also intentionally appeared on several live video shows together. Usually, she shared live video production, marketing, and branding tips and I add my thoughts and expertise regarding online legal business tips.

The Journey

Along the way, we’ve both tapped into our respective networks and have helped each other get well-known guests on each other’s live video shows. We’ve also promoted each other’s non-live video events and projects. Heck, we’ve even helped promote the projects of each other’s friends.

JennyQ and I have enjoyed a win-win relationship since day one. This past year she was kind enough to include me as a consulting expert in her new book, “Leverage Livestreaming to Build Your Brand: Start, Master, and Monetize Live Video.”

Fast forward to the past couple of weeks, and while on her way to San Diego for Social Media Marketing World 2018, JennyQ stopped by the house for a visit. After saying hi to Lisa and our dog Bleu, I took her down to the harbor where we sat outside and enjoyed a late afternoon lunch. During our conversation, we got to know each other a bit better, talked social media business, and enjoyed each other’s company.

Last week, I had the pleasure of speaking at a lawyer convention in South Carolina. The topic revolved around showing lawyers how to embrace social media, live video, and share their human side. During the presentation, I shared JennyQ’s services with my audience which included this slide. Since then, several lawyers have told me they will or already have reached out to her to for professional live video services.

The Take-A-Way

I’m sharing this story with you because, in my opinion, this is how you do business on the digital platforms. Win-win business relationships happen when you take the time to connect with others online and when possible, offline too. It’s a dance that involves caring and helping without any expectation of receiving anything in return.

Once you start and build a personal and professional relationship, good things start to happen. This is especially true on social media.

Along those same lines, when someone in JennyQ’s community needs the help of a good lawyer, she’s been generous enough to include my name on her list of recommendations.

Social media is a powerful business tool. I believe the power of digital is magnified when it’s used to build relationships.

You don’t necessarily need to travel to New York, San Francisco, or Southern California to start and build your next business relationship. But do keep in mind that successful business owners know that relationships often involve more than an email, text or live video. Engaging on the other platforms and meeting people in real life changes everything.

Thank you JennyQ for the value you’ve added to our social media and livestreaming community.ย  Also, a big thank you for being a friend.


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Author: Mitch Jackson

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