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This past Wednesday on we shared social, legal, and influencer perspectives on the disastrous Fyre Festival. One of our guests was there and shared his on the ground first hand experience. Click here to watch the recorded show.

Not familiar with what happened at the Fyre Festival event? Here’s a short video from Mashable that tells part of the story. I think the music makes the video 😉 (click here or on the image to watch).

So what really happened? Was this an honest case of overreaching by the promoters of the event or simply another very public example of social media and Internet fraud at its finest?

Digital analyst, speaker, and author, Brian Solis, had this to say on Facebook (also see the spirited conversation in the comments below Brian’s post).

Well known lawyer, Mark Geragos, filed a $100M class-action lawsuit on Saturday alleging negligence, breach of contract and fraud. New- click here to see and read the entire lawsuit (PDF format).

This Wednesday on, my regular co-host, Jen Hoverstad, and special co-host, Jennifer Quinn, yours truly, and guests, will be discussing the Fyre Festival event, what went wrong, and promoter and influencer liability. We’ll also share valuable tips on how you can try to prevent this from happening to you.

What are your thoughts? Do you have an opinion? Join us this Wednesday on at 4 pm ET and share!

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