Distracted Driving Survey Results

Do you consider distracted driving a public safety issue? What do you do when you see someone engaged in distracted driving?

Last month I posted a survey about distracted driving. A cross-section of 46 people responded from social media, business, law and the police communities. The survey is ongoing but here are the preliminary results:

Question #1: Have you had a family member or friend harmed or killed by distracted driving?

Question #2: When you see someone using social media or livestreaming while driving, what do you do?

Question #3: If you reach out privately or publicly and the distracted driving continues on a regular basis, do you:

Question #4: Do you consider distracted driving a problem?


The results appear to be rather obvious. Let’s lead by example and do what needs to be done to stop people from being injured and killed by distracted drivers.

Click here to see the updates to this survey at SurveyMonkey.

The survey is ongoing. If you’d like to participate you can click here to do so. I’ll update the results in the next month or so.

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