The Streaming Lawyer Goes Back To School (and it was a blast!)

Patricia Ragan Stokes

I just had an amazing experience joining two of Patricia Ragan Stokes‘ classes just outside Syracuse, New York. What’s especially cool is that I was able to do so via Skype from my office in Orange County, California. I wish more teachers would use this approach to share real-world experiences with their students. [Shout out #SkypeaThon #MIEExpert #EDTech]

By embracing digital, I believe Patricia is bringing leading-edge content to her students and creating a unique learning environment. I had a blast engaging with both classes, and we chatted about business, contracts, law, Snapchat and Instagram. I also had fun thinking about and then answering the question about what it’s like to be a trial lawyer.

Here are a few video clips Patricia was kind enough to share on Twitter!

mitch jackson

mitch jackson

Mitch Jackson aka The Streaming Lawyer

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