New Periscope “Professionals” Group

Professionals on Periscope

Breaking News- Periscope now allows for groups!

I’ve set up a new group for professionals who enjoy using live streaming to exchange ideas and build their businesses and companies. This new group tool allows for smaller communities with similar interests and passions to enjoy Periscope in a more controlled environment.

This group is for professionals. When you go live in this group, the video stream is only broadcasted to other group members. This eliminates noise, harassment, and trolls from the video stream. To allow the group to grow, each group member can invite other professionals of his or her choice to the group.  The end result is a quality group of professional people on Periscope exchanging information and engaging with each other.

I invite you to participate in the new Periscope “Professionals” Group and invite other professionals who you believe will add value to the group with their live streaming videos. If you’re a professional who enjoys live streaming and would like to be added to our group, please contact me, and I’ll make it happen! (you can also reach out here on social media)

Please note that this new group is not about selling or marketing to each other. It’s about sharing thoughts, ideas, and new techniques, to help each other tap into the power of live streaming to improve our businesses, services and communities.

My first Periscope from the new group 😉

Author: Mitch Jackson

I'm a California trial lawyer trying to fix the world one client, cause, and digital interaction at a time.

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