What Is Distracted Driving?


Stop Distracted Driving

Distracted driving is any activity that takes a driver’s attention away from the task of driving. Each year distracted driving kills 4,000 to 6,000 people and injures another 400,000 to 600,000 in America (this is twice the number of injuries from drunk driving). Each second during daylight hours in the U.S., 600,000 people are using a mobile device while driving. The average distracted driver takes his eyes off the road for 5 seconds. At 55 mph that’s like traveling the length of a football field blindfolded.

Please help raise awareness and save lives. Please understand that distracted driving includes:

  • Updating, posting and live streaming on social media
  • Talking and texting with or without a hands-free device (Don’t believe me? Read this...)
  • Using a navigation system
  • Participating in any type of activity like carpool karaoke
  • Eating and drinking
  • Talking to or singing with passengers
  • Grooming, getting dressed and looking in the mirror at yourself
  • Reading, including maps
  • Using a navigation system
  • Watching a video
  • Adjusting a radio, CD player, or MP3 player
  • Anything you do that distracts you from driving a car, motorcycle, truck, boat, plane or any other type of vehicle.

Your children are watching what you do. Lead by example.

Please take a few minutes and learn more about distracted driving by reviewing the resources at StopDD.Today,  EndDD.org and ItCanWait.com. Help raise awareness by sharing these websites and also using #StopDD #EndDD and #ItCanWait on social media.

Thank you!


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