Exciting Livestreaming Updates from Facebook, Youtube and Twitter!


Facebook Live is going to allow for split screen shows. You’ll be able to bring on another guest from down the street or the other side of the world. Facebook is also going to allow you to schedule your live broadcasts which will give you the opportunity to promote your livestream. Viewers will now be able to connect early in a “staging room” so that they don’t miss the start of your show. Add the new scheduling option and this should result in a more informed and larger real-time audiences.

Youtube is rolling out the ability for you to go live and stream from your mobile device. Similar to Facebook Live and Periscope, the platform will allow for real-time engagement with comments. What is really huge about this update is that you will be able to tap into your existing Youtube community and search Youtube livestreams while they’re happening.

Twitter and Periscopeย are now including the “go live” Periscope button within the Twitter app. You no longer need to open and use the separate Periscope app to start a livestream broadcast. And speaking of Twitter, you can now create and tweet videos that are 140 seconds long (up from the prior 30 second time limit). See the above tweet as an example.

I always enjoy seeing how other people are using the new livestreaming digital platforms so please share your ideas, comments and broadcasts with me.


Author: Mitch Jackson

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