Dr. Michelle Drouin Chats Chats With Mitch About Distracted Driving, Cyber-Bullying and More


mitch jackson distracted driving

I’m honored to have been interviewed by Dr. Michelle Drouin and have the chance to help educate and raise awareness about the dangers of distracted driving, cyber-bullying, revenge porn and sextortion. Michelle is a developmental psychologist (B.A. Cornell University, D.Phil. University of Oxford), professor, and internationally-recognized speaker on technology and relationships, including online relationships, social media, and sexting. She’s one very impressive human being and our community is extremely fortunate to have her “all in” when it comes to the StopDD.Today message. Please click here to listen and share our interview (podcast) with your audience.

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Exciting Livestreaming Updates from Facebook, Youtube and Twitter!


Facebook Live is going to allow for split screen shows. You’ll be able to bring on another guest from down the street or the other side of the world. Facebook is also going to allow you to schedule your live broadcasts which will give you the opportunity to promote your livestream. Viewers will now be able to connect early in a “staging room” so that they don’t miss the start of your show. Add the new scheduling option and this should result in a more informed and larger real-time audiences.

Youtube is rolling out the ability for you to go live and stream from your mobile device. Similar to Facebook Live and Periscope, the platform will allow for real-time engagement with comments. What is really huge about this update is that you will be able to tap into your existing Youtube community and search Youtube livestreams while they’re happening.

Twitter and Periscope are now including the “go live” Periscope button within the Twitter app. You no longer need to open and use the separate Periscope app to start a livestream broadcast. And speaking of Twitter, you can now create and tweet videos that are 140 seconds long (up from the prior 30 second time limit). See the above tweet as an example.

I always enjoy seeing how other people are using the new livestreaming digital platforms so please share your ideas, comments and broadcasts with me.


How To Protect Your Digital ASS(ets) With Estate and Business Succession Planning

Estate planning

What will happen to your Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram accounts when you die? Who will have access to your online business website or professional blog?

If you suffer from a serious illness or temporary incapacity, what will happen to all the domain names you have registered or use? If your incapacity is permanent, who has the legal right to access your personal and business documents on Google Drive or Dropbox?

After your death, incapacity or disability, who can access and control all of your pictures and videos on Shutterfly, Periscope, and Youtube? Will anyone need to access, for any reason, your PayPal and Stripe accounts?

Don’t forget about your smartphones, tablets, and laptops? If the FBI finds it challenging to access the iPhone of terrorists, do you think your family or business partner will be able to gain access to information they stored away on your digital devices?

Valuable Assets Most People Don’t Think About

All of the above are important and potentially valuable digital assets that should be taken into consideration in both estate and business succession planning. According to McAfee, the average Internet user has over $37,000 in unprotected digital assets. As we move from building digital footprints to digital billboards, I think this number is going to continue growing at an exponential rate.

The fact of the matter is that 60% of Americans do not have a Will or Trust. For those that do, few have thought about including their personal and professional digital assets into their estate or business succession plans.

Making sure your digital assets are part of your estate, and business succession plans is necessary for two reasons:

  1. It will help minimize and possibly even eliminate probate, avoid probate fees and estate death taxes.
  2. It will help protect valuable business assets and prevent the chance of your business being disrupted by claims and lawsuits involving domains, websites, and challenges regarding intellectual property rights.

From both a personal and business perspective, being able to control how your digital assets should be handled after death (maintained, moved and even deleted) avoids misunderstands and really will help your legal heirs settle your affairs. Planning ahead and giving access to all your digital assets including online merchant account and bill payment services will allow executors, trustees, and family members to locate and settle these accounts. In the business world, it may allow your business to move forward and thrive rather than come to a screeching halt and disappear. Continue reading “How To Protect Your Digital ASS(ets) With Estate and Business Succession Planning”

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