Periscope integrates with GoPro. What this means for smart business owners and entrepreneurs

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Periscope broadcasters can now livestream to the world through their GoPro Hero 4 Black and Hero 4 Silver cameras. What this means for business owners and entrepreneurs is the ability to raise the bar when it comes to communication and transparency. The almost unlimited types of GoPro mounts already on the market allow users to share their world with customers and clients in ways that are only limited by your imagination (today’s Periscope saved on Katch)
Streaming Lawyer and Go Pro cameraFor the first time, business owners can pull back the curtain and share their world and customer experiences with a global audience. The easy to use, hands free, and free broadcasting platform will allow all of us to build better communities and raise the bar when it comes to earning trust and being transparent.

All of the below ideas will allow you to engage mobile users in a real-time fashion and in my opinion, that’s the name of the game in today’s world. Several ways I see the new GoPro/Periscope integration helping in business are as follows. Most involve the GoPro to be mounted on your body or head:

  • Product Demonstrations- You can now do a POV (point of view) demonstration while holding the product in your hands and answering questions. The same applies while riding or using products that move, jump, dive or fly. In the near future, professionals like lawyers may be able to livestream a hearing, motion or trial for the consumer (and potential client) to watch and critique.
  • Remote Focus Groups, Testimonials, Experiences
  • Improve Transparency and Show Human Side
  • Share Breaking News, Newsjacking, Connecting with Journalists, Respond to Disasters
  • Interviews and Q&A
  • Behind-the-Scenes of Events
  • Promotions, Deals, Contests
  • Recommendations, Personal Brand Experiences, Client Businesses
  • Expand Sphere of Influence and Reach New Markets

So how will you use Go Pro and Periscope in your business?



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