Snapchat for Business? My Blab with Carlos Gill and Saba Sedighi

Snapchat for Business

Thursday evening I was a guest on the Social 545 Show. Hosts Saba Sedighi and Carlos Gill peppered me with outstanding questions about how we can all use Snapchat for business. What I thought was really powerful about last night’s Blab was the “roundtable” aspect of our discussion resulting in all of us sharing approaches and ideas about how and why we’re each using #Snapchat in business. If you’re already using Snapchat or interested in getting started, you’re going to enjoy the show!

We also chatted about the topic of success in business and frankly, discussed some things many entrepreneurs don’t like to talk about when it comes to hard work and success. If you want to avoid making the same mistakes, take a look and make the suggested changes.

Mitch Jackson on SnapchatClick here to watch the show and please share your thoughts, ideas and suggestions in the comments. And by the way, if you want to connect with any of us on Snapchat, my handle is CA_Lawyer, Saba is SabaSedighi and Carlos is TheCarlosGil  🙂

Just Out! Click here for the Social 545 Show Podcast of our interview…

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