How To Deal With Experts and Consultants Who Try To Destroy Your Deals in 2016!

How To Deal With Experts via Mitch Jackson aka The Streaming LawyerIn almost every single case that goes to trial, the other side hires experts to testify to facts that they want him or her to testify to. If an expert is being paid $15,000 to share his opinion from the witness stand, I usually point out to my jury on cross examination that the expert is nothing more than a hired gun with 15,000 reasons to say what she just said.

When you’re making your sales pitches and proposals in 2016, you too may need to deal with competitors who pay “experts” or “consultants” to slam the door shut on your proposal. So, I thought I’d share 8 approaches to help solve this problem that have worked well for me over the past 30 years in trial.

I touched upon several of these approaches in this morning’s Snapchat (download the app to your phone- I’m at CA_Lawyer) and you can also watch it here and read the full blog post at

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