A Lawyer’s Take on The Charlie Sheen HIV Disclosure

“Failing to disclose to a sexual partner that you’re HIV positive is like playing Russian roulette with someone’s life” – Jon Mitchell Jackson, Esq.

This morning Charlie Sheen revealed he is HIV positive on the TODAY show with Matt Lauer. Afterwards, an ex-girlfriend of Mr. Sheen and fellow Periscope Summit NY panelist, Bree Olson, told Howard Stern that Sheen never told her he was HIV positive.

These types of cases are more common than you think. In today’s Periscope, I share several legal thoughts about the implications of one partner transmitting to another, a sexually transmittable disease (SDT).

Charlie Sheen HIV Mitch Jackson Streaming Lawyer Commentary

Update: Former ‘Goddess’ Says HE NEVER TOLD ME ABOUT HIV

This afternoon’s Blab discussing California law relating to this issue. A special thanks to Tamara Shelley and Steve Cozart for joining me live!

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