11 Ways To Repurpose Your Periscopes and Blabs on Social Media

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Live streaming on Periscope and Blab is all about sharing good content and helping others. Results come from engaging, caring and providing massive value. [pictured with me are friends and social media/live streaming experts, Vincenzo Landino, Brian Fanzo and Jed Record]

Before we jump too far into this post, I think it’s important to remember that in today’s digital world, we’re all media companies. Producing and sharing good content is now, in my humble opinion, mandatory if you want to survive in business.

So, with those thoughts in mind, let me ask you the following question:

“Do you have a smartphone or tablet in your hand right now?”

Being able to initiate and watch live streaming shows from your mobile device is a game changer. A majority of Americans own a smartphone with 83% of them reporting their phone is always or nearly always within reach. Add to that the fact that more people have access to mobile phones than they do to toothbrushes and working toilets and the power of what you hold in your hand becomes clear.

With all the excitement and upside of live streaming, two huge challenges exists for most of us which includes the issues of limited time and attention. None of us has enough time to do all that we want to do. And when it comes to attention, the average attention span has dropped from 20 minutes 100 years ago to just 9 seconds today—the same attention span as a goldfish.

One way to deal with the limited the time and attention issues is to make the most of our time when seeking the attention of our widespread audience. I think that by intelligently repurposing our Periscopes and Blabs is one good way to deal with both issues. What follows are eleven easy ways to do just that.

Step #1: Website and Blog

Before your Periscope or Blab

Share and promote your upcoming stream on your website and blog. Use a descriptive heading and copy that will get people to click and watch your stream. You may also want to share link(s) to prior live streaming posts and your Periscope.tv and Blab.im profile pages. When possible, also share upcoming live streams on your social media platforms before your actual show.

After Your Periscope or Blab

Embed your Blab into your website or blog. Do the same with your Periscope using the Katch.me service.

If your website platform will not allow you to embed the code, take a screen shot of your Blab or Periscope and include the image at your website or blog with a link back over to your Blab or Periscope (because your Periscope will become inaccessible after 24 hours, you may want to link to the Katch.me version of your show). Use normal website and blog best practices (captivating heading, keywords…) to catch your reader’s attention. Screenshot on a Mac- Command (⌘)-Shift-4; Screenshot on Windows-  Press Alt+Print Screen or use a third party app like TechSmith’s Jing.

If you’re using Blab and recorded the show, you will be emailed the audio and video files. Instead of linking back to Blab, you can upload to Youtube and embed or link to the Youtube version of the Blab. More about this technique below.

Step #2: Twitter

Share the catchy heading of your blog post, together with a short descriptive sentence on Twitter. Include the link back to your post. Use a hashtag or two. Although Twitter allows for 140 characters, try and keep your post to about 120 characters to leave room for people to retweet with comments.

Because pictures attract more attention, add the screen capture picture you used in your post to your tweet. While you’re thinking of Twitter, take the content of your Periscope of Blab and break it down into 5-10 sections addressing key points and topics contained within your live stream. You can then create 5-10 tweets referencing each topic area worded in its own unique and eye-catching way. I use a Word or Google document and keep a list of these mini-snapshot tweets for future use.

Next, sit down at night or early in the morning and use Hootsuite or Buffer to schedule these additional tweets once or twice a day, over the next 5-10 days. Each tweet links back to your original blog post about the live stream or, to the live stream directly. Remember that with Periscope, it’s best to link to Katch.me in that your original stream will not be viewable after 24 hours.

Click here to see how I’m doing this on Twitter.

Step #3: Linkedin

Take one or more of the tweets that you have listed in your Word document (mentioned above) and share it on Linkedin, linking back to your blog post, Periscope or Blab shows or profiles. Normally I do this in the above step by telling Hootsuite to send out the tweets I schedule to both Twitter and Linkedin.

With a major live stream event, publish a post on Linkedin using the screenshot image and more descriptive content.
Click here to see how I’m doing this on Linkedin.

Step #4: Facebook

Again, I take one or more of the tweets I’ve listed in my Word or Google document and re-purpose the language for Facebook. Unlike Twitter, Facebook posts can be longer, so I usually add a bit more information in Word before posting with the link back to my blog post.
Images are powerful attention grabbing magnets on Facebook and will result in more interaction, shares, and comments. Because of this, make sure to include the image you created with a screenshot with your post. Rather than allowing the link to my blog post to automatically pull an image back into my Facebook feed, I prefer to manually upload my image into Facebook. Doing this will display a larger image in your Facebook post.

Facebook business pages will allow you to embed video HTML from Blab and Katch so always consider this as an option. Also, contemplate directly uploading the raw recorded Blab video (remember the recorded audio and video files are emailed to you after the show) directly into Facebook. You can even use third party editing software to edit and modify the original Blab video before uploading.
I have a personal and business Facebook profile. Depending on the nature of the content, I post to each once or twice a day. Please click the following links to see how I’m using Facebook for the law firm or here for my personal page (my fav place to share personal stuff).

Step #5: Google Plus

I understand everyone believes Google Plus is experiencing a slow death but until that happens, keep this in mind. What you post and share at your Google Plus account is indexed by Google and displayed in the Google search results. For this reason alone you should include Google Plus in your efforts.

Just like on Facebook, you can share your live stream descriptions, pictures, and videos. Make sure to add “authorship” to your personal profile to build authority and influence. This will create a visual tie between you and your content. Often I’ll take a small portion of my website or blog post (mentioned above) and post it to Google Plus as described herein linking back to the blog post as opposed to Periscope or Blab.

Click here to see how I’m using Google Plus.

Step #6: Pinterest

If you’re not using this platform, then you’re missing out. Upload the picture or screen shot relating to your live stream and add it to one or more of your Pinterest Boards. Several boards I’ve set up for my firm include current news, verdicts and settlements, legal tips, testimonials, videos, photos, podcasts, newsletter, and community service, just to name a few. You should setup boards that will be of interest to you and your clients or customers.

Use the content in your Word document mentioned above, to complete the description in Pinterest. Include your blog post link or a link to the Katch or Blab video in the source link box. This way, when someone clicks on the picture, they will be taken to the desired landing page.

Click here to see how I’m using Pinterest with live streaming.

Step #7: Youtube

Within a year of posting our first video many years ago (it wasn’t very good, but it was a start), we received hundreds of new client inquires and dozens of new cases. I was also featured in various high profile websites, blogs, and even the ABA Journal. Talk about good publicity!

Regardless of the great response on Youtube, I’m seeing substantially better engagement and response from Periscope and Blab. This is why I focusing my attention on these to live streaming platforms and why I’m excited to share these tips with you.
Back to Youtube. If you haven’t already done so, setup your Youtube channel. Upload your Blabs to your channel. Depending on the show, edit your blab videos into short 2-3 minute Q&A type of segments and upload the shorter versions separately.

Tip: Here’s a secret most people overlook. There are many services and programs that will allow you to get the audio of your video transcribed so that you can use it for a future blog post. Others will allow you to rip the audio from the video that you can then use as a podcast more fully described below. Blab sends you the audio and video files separately, so this is already done for you.

Note the video recording software such as Camtasia will allow you to record a live or recorded Periscope and Blab. You can then edit the recorded video as you deem appropriate. The final edited version(s) can then be uploaded to your Youtube account or used and uploaded to several other of the social media platforms mentioned in this post.

Click here to see our Youtube channel if you’d like to see the bad and the good.

Step #8: SlideShare

This often overlooked platform is well respected and used successfully by marking pros around the globe. I’ve been neglecting this platform for far too long. Not too long ago I uploaded a new Slideshare titled, “A Trial Lawyer’s Negotiation Secrets- 3 Decades of Tips and Approaches”  and within the first 24 hours it had more than 900 views and trended on Twitter and SlideShare. The response was so good that this presentation was then profiled on the SlideShare home page. Two days later, it had over 2,000 views. Today it has over 26,900 views. The exposure for my firm was huge!

You can and should do the same thing with your company or business. Think about this for a moment. Take the live stream or subsequent blog post we’ve been talking about and break it down to a 15-20 slide presentation. From SlideShare, link back to your live stream on Periscope of Blab, or the blog post at your website that you created based upon your live stream show.

Click here to see how I’m using SlideShare.

Step #9: Podcasts

Podcasts are very popular because mobile technology now allows us to easily listen to podcasts anytime and anyplace. With this in mind, why not take your live stream, rip the audio, and turn it into a podcast?

As with Youtube, I’m been focusing my time and attention to Periscope and Blab. I actually believe these new type of mobile live streaming platforms are more exciting than podcasting and so that’s where I’m putting my time and energy. But, when I do convert a live stream to a podcast this is how I do things.

Once I finish creating the podcast I then upload it to my host (I use Libsysn). It is then shared distributed to third party platforms like Stitcher, iTunes, and Soundcloud. Appropriate links back to the original Periscope (or Periscope profile or Katch), Blab, or resulting website page or blog are also included and highlighted for the listener.
Note, once my podcasts are completed and uploaded, I share the unique links of the mentioned podcast to most of the above-mentioned media social platforms. The heading and short description is changed from the earlier descriptions and posts. The podcasts links are often shared on the original blog post or website page with an audio player, just in case a visitor would rather listen to the material.

Step #10: Vine, Instagram, and Snapchat

Whether you “get it” or not, young adults are using these platforms, and they’re becoming more and more relevant in the business world. I’m really enjoying Instagram and Snapchat. I’m not spending too much time on Vine.
Take the screenshot image of the live stream that you used at your blog post and other platforms, and share it on Instagram with a link or reference back to your original Periscope, Katch, Blab or blog.

Instagram will not allow you to hyperlink, so that’s why I setup fun and easy to remember domain I direct viewers to. I tell viewers to visit MyLawyerRocks.com or StreamingLawyer.com to watch the video or live stream. You can even include your website, blog or live stream profile link in your Instagram profile like I did.

Vine and Snapchat can be used to take short shots of an actual Blab or Periscope and then share it in a story type of fashion. You can use text on Snapchat to describe and invite viewers to watch the video or mention this while shooting your video so they can hear and watch where you want them to click to.

As an example, click here to view my Instagram account (@mitchjackson). As of this post, Snapchat does not have a web-based browser, so connect with me on the platform to see how we’re using it using my handle ca_lawyer

Step #11: Word of Mouth, Business Cards, and Email Signatures
Passionately share your live streaming channels with others. Truth be told, most people familiar with social media have not heard of, or used, Periscope and Blab. Make it your duty to share these amazing new channels with your family and friends.

While you’re on a Blab and Periscope, remind everyone that you have a weekly show or specific show coming up and ask them to follow you for the links and updates on the platforms and Twitter. Referencing upcoming shows during current live shows is just a great way to promote your Periscope and Blab to an audience already interested in listening to your message.
Share your profile links on your business cards in your email signatures. Share, educate and bring your friends onto the platforms. They’ll be glad you did!

Bonus Tip #12:

If you’re involved on other platforms and in online or offline communities and organizations, share your Periscopes and Blabs with your fellow members. The chances are high that they value what you have to say so make sure they’re well aware of what you’re doing. In fact, maybe you should do a live stream about a project that one of your communities is planning this month?

Final Thoughts

The above approach of sharing my various live streams is working very well. I am so excited about the upside of mobile live streaming that I created StreamingLawyer.com just to have a platform to share my live streaming videos and show notes, with my audience.

What’s exciting is that a single live stream can be shared using one or more of the above methods. You can do as little, or as much, as you like.  The key is to take action and get started.

Today, smart business owners use mobile live streaming to inspire, inform, help, educate and build new relationships. Hopefully, you will use some or all of these re-purposing ideas to amplify your live streaming efforts while saving time and respecting attention.

But while you’re digesting all of the above, please remember one important thing. Just like meaningful relationships in real life, success in live streaming is a marathon and not a sprint. Be patient and consistent in your efforts. Be transparent, share your unique art, and good things will happen.

jon mitchell jackson 400I hope you found this article useful, and I look forward to seeing you on my next live stream. Please feel free to share this post if you think it adds value. Also please be my guest and get more exclusive tips via my weekly Tuesday newsletter by clicking here or texting MITCH to 66866


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