What Every Woman Should Know to be Safety Savvy

female_safety_with_mitch_and_tamaraDuring today’s show, Tamara Shelley, who is a licensed Personal Protection Officer, Private Investigator, as well as a Self Defense Coach, shared here thoughts on safety. Tamara’s tips work and are easy to put into motion.

We discussed topics like:

1. Why we get a false sense of security.
2. Acknowledge it can happen to you.
3. Deterring predators.
4. Rape is not about sex.
5. The plumber is not your girlfriend.
6. Safeguarding your home.
7. Improvise weapons.

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Periscope at Amusement Parks and Attractions

amusement_parks_and_periscopeI enjoyed being interviewed about Periscope by Mike Bederka for his article shared today in the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA). In the article I expressed my thoughts, from the perspective of both a user and lawyer, about the use of #Periscope at major parks across the country.

If you’re in a hurry I can consolidate my feelings in one sentence- “For many different reasons, I’m 100% in favor of parks using and allowing live streaming apps like Periscope.”

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