How Do You Make Your Clients Feel?

I just started Brian Solis’ new book, “X: The Experience When Business Meets Design” and as usual, Brian has already planted new seeds in my mind. I’ll be taking major action this week to finish the book and then taking steps to continue improving our clients’ experiences and how we make them feel ๐Ÿ™‚

A couple of related thoughts on #Periscope this morning…

Brian Solis

Mentorship Opportunities

Streaming Lawyer Mentor

Each month I enjoy mentoring three different people in three specific areas of business:

(1) Law and Trial Advocacy (lawyers and law school students only)

(2) Social Media and Live Streaming (everyone)

(3) Entrepreneurship (everyone)

If you would like more information or would like to apply to be mentored (it’s free and all that I ask is that you “pay it forward”), click here!

Update: This morning’s #Periscope sharing the all the details…

Mentorship Program

Balancing Business with Family and Life

Really enjoyed today’s Blab with friend, Brian Fanzo. It’s not always easy to balance business with life but it is always necessary. In fact, one could argue that nothing is more important to long term happiness and success than good health and family #NoLetUp

Click here or on my “legal assistant” Bleu to watch today’s Blab!
bleu brian and mitch

Holiday Safety Tips For Your Home

Here are several tips I shared last week on Los Angeles’s CBS KNX radio to help keep your guests safe during holiday parties. I hope you find this #Periscope useful. Please share any additional tips in the comments below.ย Enjoy the holidays!

Click here or on the image to watch this morning’s scope ๐Ÿ™‚

mitch holiday safety 600