Biz Owners- Use These 8 Words To Start Your Next Live Stream

Mitch Jackson Shares 8 Words To Use on PeriscopeWhen selling products and services on Periscope, or any other live streaming platform, it’s important to give notice to the consumer (your audience) that the stream is being shared by a company and not by you individually. Should a consumer bring a claim or lawsuit because of the use of your product or service, you want that claim to be brought against your company and not you personally.

Properly doing business as a corporation or limited liability company is the smart what to separate your business liability from your personal liability (see my earlier post). Starting off your next live stream with these 8 words, “This Periscope is brought to you by XYZ” is an excellent way to let your audience know that the business, and not you personally, is behind the broadcast and related products and services. Click here to watch today’s recorded Periscope!

If you’re selling anything on the live streaming platforms, make sure to do so in the capacity of your business and not as an individual.

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Author: Mitch Jackson

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