15 Million T-Mobile Records Breached at Experian!

Today on Blab at 10:30am PDT: Up to 15 million T-Mobile records (including social security and passport numbers) breached at Experian.

[recorded show here]

What is the duty of big corporations to protect our data and are they/ should they be liable when systems are compromised by hackers?

Sub-topic: the rights of most victims are substantially limited by TOS agreements which incorporate mandatory arbitration, mediation and liquidated damages clauses. The ability for consumers to hold careless companies accountable is limited. Sometimes legal rights are being stripped (no right to take a company to court). There is no real financial downside to companies for failing to protect the confidential information of consumers (other than bad publicity).

We’ll be discussing these issues, and more, today on Blab. Click here to join us, share your thoughts, or just watch!

TMobile and Experian Hack

Author: Mitch Jackson

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