Accessories To Help You Live Stream From Your Mobile Phone

meerkat and periscope accessoriesOne of the things I enjoy most about live streaming apps like Meerkat and Periscope is the real-time aspect of the video, show or event. Imperfections in the audio and video content are the norm, and often times more interesting than rehearsed professionally shot videos. These factors together with real-time interactive viewer engagement are what make these interactive mediums so powerful.

Sometimes because of your surroundings, the ability to enhance your audio or video will help you preserve the realness of your live stream. Interviews of more than one person can be more easily shared using a clip on wide-angle or fisheye lens. External noise can be filtered out by using different microphone and audio options.

Below is my live stream video and related links regarding accessories you may want to use to compliment your live streaming efforts. Use the comments section to let all of us know which accessories you use and like best!


Author: Mitch Jackson

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