Seth Godin

Dealing with Fear

Are you a bit apprehensive about live streaming? Click here or the image below to watch a short live stream video with biz guru, Seth Godin, sharing tips on how to deal with fear (you’ll like this).

Click here to watch the full 35 minute live stream!


Seth Godin and Mitch Jackson on Fear


3-4 Minute Segments

Seth shares tips for dealing with fear

What is a “safety zone” in business and in life?

V is for Vulnerable and what is art?

Mitch shares with Seth why he thinks social is so damn important

Chapman Marketing and Social Media Professor, Niklas Myhr, chats with Seth

Seth Godin ask the question “Are you getting your ducks in a row?”

Dealing with fear and worrying about things

Chris Brogan stops by to say hi and talk business with Seth Godin

“Nobody ever asked Hemingway what kind of pencil he used” (Chris Brogan’s thoughts)

Why Seth writes books


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