How This Trial Lawyer Will Use Google Glass in 2018 (or sooner)

Google Glass for LawyersSmell the Coffee and Pet the Dog

I get up, roll over, and pop on my third generation Google Glass. It’s early but I want to know how the Angels did last night. I quietly say the voice command “Angels on ESPN” to watch and listen to the recap of the game as I walk downstairs to pour myself a fresh cup of hot coffee.

Our basset hound, Bleu, scratches at the back door. I let her out and follow her over to the grass next to our Jacuzzi. I say “check email” and my priority inbox displays just above my right eye. I sit down in the lawn chair and pet Bleu while saying “scroll” and review all the new emails using the commands “faster” and “slower” to make sure I don’t miss anything.

I use the commands “stop” and “forward to Kristy” to review and then forward an email to my assistant about a client wanting to schedule an appointment to talk about his upcoming deposition. I then say, “Note to Kristy” and dictate a short follow-up instruction about what documents we’ll need to go over and have ready during the meeting. I say “attach and send” and it goes to Kristy’s inbox. All the while, my hands never leave the special spot behind Bleu’s ears.

As I make my way back inside, I grab several files I looked at late last night and pull out a picture of the defendant’s damaged truck received from opposing counsel the day earlier. I hold it out in front of me and take a picture using the command “picture”. Using similar commands, I send a copy by email with instructions to my accident Reconstructionist to follow-up with regarding his research.

My Morning Run

This morning before breakfast I’m doing a 5 mile run and so I make sure all my tunes and podcasts I’ve been wanting to listen to are downloaded to my Glass memory. The commands “download from favorites” does the trick and using its own built in high speed wifi, Glass pulls in all the files from my Google Drive folder.

I start my stretching and run watching a new video about social media marketing by friend, Shama Kabani. After the first mile, I decide to change things up a bit and start preparing for my case. I say “client file” and “Smith” and my Glass pulls up case data from MyCase, our cloud based legal case management service. While rounding a corner and approaching the downhill leg to the sand, I use voice commands to scroll and open the defense lawyers contact information. We haven’t handled a file together and this is a good opportunity to get to know him a bit better.

Before Glass pulls up counsel’s information, I loud alert sounds in my ears. My Nike+ FuelBand III which monitors not only my run but also my daily activities, just relayed an audible and bright red cross warning signal in my Glass screen. My heart rate just jumped above 160 so I slow down a bit and catch my breath. I say “reset” and the alert minimizes to the bottom right of the screen. As I continue to run, I can see my heart beat rate lower to a comfortable 135. All is good.

I say “back to research” and opposing counsel’s name pops up on Glass. All of Bob Smith’s information populates the main screen. I use the command “legal background search” to access the legal/business and people database now offered by LexisNexis and Westlaw for use with smartphones and Glass. Immediately Bob’s litigation history background pops up in the display. Rather than trying to read it while running, I say “read” and Glass shares the highlights via the speakers near each ear. In about 7 minutes I have a pretty good idea who Bob is and what he’s all about.

To complete my informal research on Bob, I give the command “social background search” and using the new Google Search Social Media Service, I review Bob’s social media posts and profiles. Again I say “read” and by the time I make it home I know that Bob enjoys coaching Little League baseball and is a lover of sushi and antique cars.

Off to Court

It’s going to be a long day. I have two hearings up in Los Angeles and haven’t been to this particular court in years. No big deal. I’ll just use the navigation system in the car and switch over to the new Glass navigation system while walking from the downtown parking structure three blocks away.

During the hour or so drive, I use Glass to listen a Gary Vaynerchuk podcast that I’ve had on my “to do” list for some time. My hands never leave the wheel while I use voice commands to fast forward and move between the audio. I take two incoming calls. Because caller ID alerts me as to who is calling, I use the “record” command to document the conversation of my second call for future review. I finish up the drive by saying “Sally Hogshead” to listen to the audio of Sally reading from her brand new best selling book.

After arriving in in the parking structure, I say “Go to Facial ID” and Glass turns on its facial recognition mode. During my walk, Glass displays a light orange circle over the faces of people approaching from the opposite direction that do not register a positive hit from Google’s new cloud based and personalized “People Finder” database.

Suddenly, an approaching face is highlighted by a light green circle indicating this person is in my database. I say “confirm” and instantly this woman’s profile pops up in Glass reminding me of her name and family details. I also see links allowing me to access her social media platforms. As we approach each other we both smile and I greet her by name and ask her about her husband Jim and two kids, Laurie and Ben (thanks to Glass). After a minute or two of small talk, we promise to get everyone together for dinner and each go our own way. But before doing so, we each share updated contact information by using the command “update Glass”. Our databases are now synced with the latest addresses and phone numbers.

While walking in to the courthouse, I use voice commands to access the court website to review the court’s tentative ruling on our motion. The court’s ruling appears to be in my favor but the judge cites a case that he’d like counsel to discuss further with him in open court. Using voice, I highlight the case cite and bring up links to the opinion and summary for review. I say “scroll” and “highlight” to mark the portion of the opinion that clarifies the issue the Judge shared a concern with and then say “send to Judge Jones” so that the highlighted section is queued up for the judge to read via his own court issued Google Glass. All the judges are now using Glass to help make the entire court process more efficient.

I take a seat inside the courtroom and wait for my case to be called. I’m looking for just the right word or metaphor to help make my point during oral argument so I say “Anne Miller” to go to Anne’s website for suggestions on using metaphors.

When done, I run the same databases on the judge that I did earlier that morning during my run using the Glass app on my smartphone. I notice that before becoming a judge, he was a plaintiff’s attorney for about 20 years and also a huge soccer fan. Not sure if it’s relevant but good to know.

Just before the clerk calls our case, I command Glass to “go live” and a real time audio and video feed displays back at the office and private Youtube, Google Hangout, and Spreecast channels so that the new associates can watch the law and motion and oral argument from our various offices across the U.S. A private link is also shared with the clients so they can watch the procedure poolside from their hotel in the Bahamas where they are vacationing.

During oral argument, my partner, who is also watching the real time video feed, shares several text notes that I am able to read in Glass and incorporate into my presentation. After ruling in my favor the judge decides to set a trial date in November. While looking down as his calendar, he tells us his trial dates are firm so once set, don’t plan on trying to reschedule the date.

I reach up and press the command button on Glass (I could have said “calendar” but didn’t want to make any noise) and my trial calendar displays in Glass. I scroll to November and notice the date selected by the court conflicts with an important (to me) upcoming out-of-town soccer tournament my son is playing in. Knowing the judge is a soccer fan and also understanding the importance of making sure that whatever day we pick is probably going to be a rather firm date, I respond, “Your honor, we have a very important out-of-town club soccer tournament that weekend. Would it be possible to set trial for the following Monday?” The judge smiles and lets me know how much he misses the game. He ask how old my son is, we chat about soccer, and the trial date is set for the following month.

Between Hearings

On my way back to the car, I activate the new Google Mobile Shop service which allows select local merchants to share special discounts. Long ago I added all of my interests and preferences into the service (suits, ties, shoes, sports items and tech stuff) and during the course of my day, the service intelligently connects me through Glass, with related sales, discounts and other products and services that come my way. Just last week I picked up a new briefcase at the mall after being alerted while walking by the luggage store that for the next 2 hours a 60% discount would be extended to all Google Mobile Shop users.

It’s going to be another two hours before my next hearing so I give Glass the command, “Breather” to find a quiet and private office space to relax and get some work done. I use Breather all the time as a second home or office when I’m trying cases out of town.

After getting comfortable in my private office, I say “Google Drive Mail” to access yesterday’s snail mail which was scanned and indexed by my office via our Earth Class mail service. I quickly review all new correspondence while making myself a hot green tea.

Rather than diving right in and reviewing my file for this afternoons hearing, I instead decide to watch the last quarter of the University of Arizona football game I recorded over the weekend. I say “Glass DVR” and I’m instantly presented with a list of recent recordings from my home system using the Glass version of Google Chromcast which now allows for recording and remote viewing. I watch my Wildcats get another big win.

I next tell Glass to check Chris Brogan’s newsletter for the latest “Human Business Works” blog post and spend the next 15 minutes thinking about how I can incorporate Chris’ thoughts about using Google Glass to build better relationships with our clients. I then browse my favorite online magazine, Owner, to catch up on the latest biz news and more.

After closing my eyes for a couple of minutes, I pack up and head off to court. The afternoon hearing goes well but takes much longer than expected. I wrap things up and start the journey home.

Time to Call it a Day

Unfortunately, in addition to being delayed in court, I also hit heavy rush hour traffic on the 405 south. Glass warned me about the upcoming gridlock but short of pulling over and walking, my options were limited. I immediately give the command “Brian Solis” to listen to Brian’s latest podcast about successfully incorporating disruptive technology to my law firm’s business plan.

Because I’m running behind schedule, I gave the command, “Lisa Glass” to instantly be connected to my wife’s Glass. We talk and I ask her to use the new Glass Spreecast app to live stream my son’s middle school band recital to me so I can watch and even interact with her while sitting in stop and go traffic. The HD video is amazing and particularly like how the Glass audio syncs with my vehicle’s Bose surround sound system. I feel like I’m sitting in the front row of the recital. I tell Glass to “notify friends” and before you know it we have 145 other people watching the Spreecast of my son’s recital via their own devices.

When family members are traveling, we always share real time updates to let everyone know we’re safe and sound. My Glass GPS tells my family exactly where I am (stuck in traffic) via the scrolling bar on the bottom of our living room flat screen. Just to tease me a bit, the kids used the new Glass scent function to share with me just how good mom’s lasagna smells. Scent mode is one of my favorite new features in Glass III. The smell of pasta and garlic fills the inside of my car.

Just before exiting the freeway, I use my special Glass command “The eagle has returned to the nest” to turn on our Jacuzzi so that it is nice and hot when I get home. I also use the command “warm oven” to ensure my lasagna is hot and tasty by the time I pull into our driveway.

While getting out of my car I say, “Glass update” and my screen is filled with new emails, text, voice and audio messages. I say “tomorrow” and give the final command of the evening, “Glass off.” After all, its family time and everything can wait until tomorrow morning’s run.


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Mitch Jackson is an award winning trial lawyer (27 years) and is a 2013 California Litigation Lawyer of the Year (CLAY Award) and 2009 Orange County Trial Lawyer of the Year. When he’s not trying cases, Mitch uses social media to help attorneys become better trial lawyers and to show everyone (not just lawyers) how to communicate more effectively, fascinate others, and make an impact with their message. His law firm website is and his communication tips blog is


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