8 Simple Communication Tips for 2013!

8 Tips...The most effective trial lawyers I’ve had the pleasure of trying cases against don’t use big words or complicate the uncomplicated. They keep things simple and speak from the heart.

In 2013, I want you to do the same thing. I want you to keep things simple. I want you be passionate and real. If you do, you’ll have more impact and communicate more effectively.

What I’m asking you to do in this post is not necessarily easy. But it can be done and you can do it!

The fact of the matter is that most people never do these things because it takes a bit of courage. The end result is that their beautiful and unique song is never heard. Their art is never shared. [hint- read “The Flinch” by Julien Smith] (tweetable)

So, I think we can agree that it takes a certain strength or conviction to stand up and share your message. Before every trial, the good lawyers are all a bit afraid. If they tell you otherwise they’re not telling you the truth.

But here’s the deal. Despite how they feel, the good trial lawyers force themselves to do four simple things better than most- and frankly, that’s what makes them so good. They (1) prepare correctly, (2) show up, (3) stand up when it’s their turn to talk, and (4) start communicating (which is much more than just talking).

As Woody Allen once said, “”90% of success is just showing up.” In 2013, I want you to take massive action and prepare, show up, stand up, and start sharing your unique and delicious message.

Step 1:

To help you prepare, I want you to use these 5 steps to structure your message to maximize its impact and to engage the listener. (tweetable)

Step 2:

While communicating, I want you to tell stories. I want you to share your story in a way that lets your audience taste, smell, feel, hear and touch the essence of your message in the present. Watch this video and follow the advice and tips of my friend, 1999 World Champion of Public Speaking, Crag Valentine.

Step 3:

I want you to use metaphors so that the point of your message hits your audience like an unexpected tsunami. After all, a good message is like a woman’s skirt. It should be long enough to cover the subject, but short enough to keep things interesting (did I jus say that?)

Step 4:

I want you read and then use The Impact Equation (Impact = C x (R + E + A +T + E) to leave a lasting message that influences others to take action. (tweetable)

Step 5:

I want you to communicate effectively by listening and watching more than you talk and performing more than you speak. I want you to learn how to fascinate others using the wonderful tools and techniques offered by my friend, Sally Hogshead (Hall of Fame speaker, international author, and the world’s leading expert on fascination).

Step 6:

I want you to communicate in a way that builds trust and promotes group action. I want you to become a Trust Agent (read “Trust Agents” by friends and NY Times best selling authors, Chris Brogan and Julien Smith)

Step 7:

I want you to approach life and your career from a different perspective. I want you to be indispensible artist. I need you to become a Linchpin! (read “Linchpin” by friend, Seth Godin)

Take the time to devour the above resources. Practice these skills and put them to use.

Do this and I guarantee you that by the end of this year, your communication skills will improve and your special message will be heard by more people than you could have ever imagined. Bottom line, you’ll be a much happier and a more successful person. Now that’s some kind of guarantee. What are you waiting for?

Step 8:

But getting back to our 2013 communication dance. The very last thing I want is for you to be brave enough to just be you. It really is that simple.


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